From the recording DEPEND

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Healing Church Hurt Part 1 written by Lisa Louise Gilliam. Produced and recorded by Kevin J. Bright. Lead and background vocals by Lisa Louise Gilliam. Mastered with CloudBounce.


At one time I was hurt, broken and disgusted by the place where I was supposed to grow
They were supposed to nurture me, I know
But instead they took advantage of me
The pain I cannot begin to explain
As I cry torn and confused about leaving because my soul I want to save
I mean how could I go to church and still end up in a grave- alive?
The church was the place where I was supposed to learn how to thrive
At least spiritually
No church should be controlling me
Telling me how and when to praise
Stopping or hindering me from spiritual growth
Because of the leader's jealousy and shame
HCA- Hostile Church Activity, is what I call it
When control takes place from the pulpit
And church auxiliaries
But how do we end it?

Pray that God will reveal the truth about the toxic church situation
Then seek God for a place that is teaching the Word, He will give you revelation.

Some of you may not know what I am talking about
or it could be that you are having doubts
but when you seek and accept the truth it shall make you free-
Christ died so we could have victory in all things

Now I must tell you that every church is not a hostile environment
But when Pastors and leaders lose focus of Christ the church can become toxic
I want you to be aware so you can get out of it
Remember Christ is in you, that is if you are saved, of course
And if you’ve been hurt, even by the church, God can heal and restore!