From the recording Past To Present

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© and ℗ 2004 and written by Lisa Gilliam and produced by Detrick Edwards.


I often thought of suicide as a way to end the pain
I often thought of suicide to stop all of the rain
I often thought of suicide, but then I became wise
I was born for a purpose, yet had not recognized

Life was full of promise, I just had to see
Suicide was not the answer, not for you and not for me!
God made me to worship Him and to be a beacon of light
I had to wait patiently, remain strong, and fight the good fight

So I will live each day to the fullest, in order to succeed
Because I know life is not promised, no matter what I need
I have to change my mind and my heart, my thoughts need to be focused on Christ
Because I have a purpose, I have to keep that in mind

I want to hear my savior say Lisa you have made me proud
You can enter in the gates of heaven, because you are saved
No more thoughts of suicide

Until my destiny is fulfilled and only God can say
I will continue to live in truth until my dying day!
Christ is the only answer, He’s the only way to prevent suicide from occurring and stop the sorrow of the present day