1. Expectation

From the recording Past To Present

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© and ℗ 2004 and written by Lisa Gilliam and produced by Detrick Edwards.


Wait in Expectation. Wait In Expectation.

Oh my, here goes another one, except this time I am in it
I am a vision of purity, lightly stained by the past according to what others might say
All eyes on me as I enter and am greeted by a handsome man, picturesque, a vision of loveliness, I am

Tall, short, wide, slim, beauties of all ages, sizes and colors have experienced this at previous times
This time there are 10 of us-one who has already began traveling the road on the other side of what I used to or sometimes consider to be the valley in my life and 1 who will take this step in March

And, though I celebrate with all the others who have come before me,
I still long for my Solomon to find me; to say how lovely are my breasts, my lips, my eyes
My Solomon, a man of wisdom, my guide, priest, protector and provider that should've been the only one to say this to me, but I am lightly stained

No, wait a minute, I am not lightly stained, that is what Satan wants me to believe, but I must remember God has forgiven me, old things are passed away
I have become new
I am not lightly stained or otherwise in the eyesight of God, for He sees Jesus' righteousness in me
And, one day I will no longer be a bridesmaid as I am today, but I too will cross over to the other side of this valley up the mountain and be greeted by my Solomon, my groom, my husband

Until that time, I will focus on serving the brides-groom that died for us all
The one who shows us enormous and everlasting love and practice on perfecting the relationship I have with Him
I will do this so that when I am found, I will truly be secure in who God wants me to be so I can be suitable for my husband, a help meet for him
Until that time, I wait, in expectation

Wait in expectation. Wait in Expectation