From the recording Past To Present

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© and ℗ 2004 and written by Lisa Gilliam and produced by Detrick Edwards.


(Oh, oh, oh) Positions in life may have been hard to obtain, but you kept your focus on Christ and you have done well thus far
After daddy's death you became a man taking on the challenges of the world at age 15
This was such a large task for a young boy, but you have done well thus far
I went to college and you were in high school playing of teams, gaining life lessons, always doing your part
This helped dreams come true for mom and grandma, knowing you were on the way to college too, and you have done well so far.

Your appearances to my play, the phone calls and cards meant more that you could ever realize
Then tragedy hit, grandma was dead, emotional thoughts ran through our heads
Yet God's peace sustained us and you have done well thus far. (oh oh, oh have done well thus far, hey hey hey)

I am so proud of you because you have obtained the keys of life
You have always been there for me and showed me the errors of my ways
That is why I will continue to give God Praise for a brother like you, for you have done well thus far

Hey hey, hey, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my brother you have done well, thus far, mmm, hmmm