1. Re - Arranged

From the recording Past To Present

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© and ℗ 2004 and written by Lisa Gilliam and produced by Detrick Edwards.


I'm thinking about what you said and how I've been mislead
I'm perplexed, but not sure why there's nothing I can do but sigh
As I think about your reply a part of me wants to cry

I'm hurting can't commit now, at least that's what you'd say
Who knew that would become the biggest lie of the day
Funny it wasn't mentioned whenever we would play
Tell me, what is it that really scared you away?

Some might say spending time together is the key
In our case this info was wrong and I just did not see
With me is not where you wanted to be
So, congratulations, thought it would've been me!

Just remember what goes around comes back around
But I hope the decision you've made is quite sound
That you weighed both of your options by the pound
And are really ready to step up to the mound.

Yes, settling for friendship will be hard for me to do
Especially after sharing intimate moments with you
And though many don’t know what we've been through
I still hope that what you have found is true.

But if you should decide to change your mind
Come to your senses and no longer be blind
Maybe for you, life would be so kind
And in your world, it will be me you'll find!